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Hilarious Homeschool Workshop, The

By Diana Waring
History Alive!

P.O. Box 378
Spearfish, SD 57783

I often think we take ourselves way too seriously. We lose our sense of humor somewhere between the alarm ringing in the morning and calling our children in to the school room. How do we cope?

Well, there's prayer. That's critical. There are friends to talk to. Also important. And then there are humorous books, tapes, and videos. Those always seem to help me.

One of those tapes is Diana Waring's "The Hilarious Homeschool Workshop." What fun! Our whole family thoroughly enjoys a dose of Diana Waring's "Hilarious Homeschool Workshop" when we just need to lighten up.

For 90 minutes we can learn about:

The Victory and Ministry of Humor; The Rules & Regs of a Good Humor Family; Cultivating Your Family's Funnybone; Creating "Homemade" Laughter; and The resources for Humor.

Not only is this workshop humorous, but it's important in that it teaches the listener how to find and incorporate appropriate humor in the home. If you have days, however rarely, where the humor in your home is missing, a dose of Diana Waring might be just what you need. It reminds you, in concrete ways, how to turn your home into a more lighthearted, joyous, fun and humorous place. A place where all learn to not stress over the little stuff.

What a godly women, a women of virtue, and a truly humorous women. I highly recommend Diana Waring's "The Hilarious Homeschool Workshop" for the whole family. You'll not be disappointed.

-- Product Review by: Heather W. Allen, TOS Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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