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Curriculum Yellow Pages

501 web sites featuring free worksheets, unit studies, lesson plans, tools and resources for grades K-12
By: Deborah Taylor-Hough, Leanne Ely, Brook Noel and Penny E. Stone

Champion Press
4308 Blueberry Rd.
Fredonia, WI 53021

We are so fortunate to have the Internet as a resource in our homeschool! It is a rich lode of information and activities. But how do we organize the available resources? Champion Press has the perfect solution.

Curriculum Yellow Pages is a huge notebook full of web resources for use in the homeschool. These ladies have done their homework! There are a few ways to use this. As a purchaser of this product, you can email the publisher and get a table of the links online. Or, you can use the URLs and type them in yourself.

I have been keeping the notebook as a way to organize the neat sites I come across as well. When I see something wonderful that I may want in the future, I make a note of it in the appropriate section of this book.

Let's talk about the sections. They're awesome! These ladies have categorized everything we might need. We can get to web pages about poetry or P.E. Each section has a brief description of the resource. Individual subjects, like art, foreign languages, geography, and science, are covered, as are homeschool portal sites and educator resources.

As I read though this, I saw some old favorites as well as some really unusual ones, such as an entire unit study about ice cream!

If you pull together your own lesson plans or unit studies, this book will be your constant companion for all ages of children.

--Product Review by: Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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