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Quill Pen Kit

Corps of Re-Discovery

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The Quill Pen Kit came in a long plastic envelope that contained two large goose quill feathers, a supply list and a set of complete instructions for making the "sanitized" feathers into a pen, and preparing various types of ink, including homemade ink from ground walnut shells or berries. A glass jar with ink powder was also included.

In order to use the pen, you have to first prepare it by cutting the tip at a 45 degree angle, and making a slit to allow ink to flow. You prepare the ink by mixing 1 part ink powder to 2 parts water. The tip of the quill pen is dipped in the prepared ink, blotted on a piece of cloth or felt (not included) and then used as any other writing instrument. The user must continue to repeat the process to apply ink to the quill repeatedly, as was historically correct when quill pens were widely used.

The Quill Pen Kit was a wonderful "hands-on" prop for learning history. In using it, the children get the feel of how it was to write long ago. The realization that people wrote books, poetry, and letters using this inconvenient and often messy method of applying ink to paper brought a new appreciation for things written long ago. Writing with the quill pen is a wonderful way to enrich studying times gone by.

I liked this product. The one thing I would improve upon is the preparation of the quill pen. The instructions give guidance in cutting the tip at a 45 degree angle, and making a ½" slit up the tip of the pen. An illustration would have been helpful. This lacking, I was never quite sure that we had prepared it correctly, although the script we wrote with it turned out lovely.

I enjoyed using the Quill Pen Kit with my daughter. What a precious keepsake could be made by having your children copy a classic poem or favorite Bible verse on a piece of parchment paper using the quill pen and their best handwriting.

-- Product Review by Julie Forsythe, Customer Service Consultant, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, April, 2006

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