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Drawing from the Past, Historical Timeline Figures; American History

John & Denise Wyble
J & K Schooling

6553 Bellevue Rd.
Forrest, Virginia 24551

Have you caught the timeline tidal wave yet? Timelines have become a staple for homeschoolers in teaching history. Drawings from the Past: Historical Timeline Figures offers 2 sets: American History and World History. They can be purchased fully colored and laminated, but I found that coloring the figures was a great part of the history lesson. The American History set covers from 1492 through 2001. Many of the figures are notable people that have contributed to American History, but there are also figures that portray important events such as the Gold Rush (1848) and the Bay of Pigs (1962). One of the truly unique features of this product is the usage of symbols. For example, all inventors and inventions are symbolized with a light bulb. Famous Authors have their name written in the figure of an open book. My favorite, however, is the donkey and elephant symbol for the presidential elections.

These figures are distinctive in that they are so easily recognizable. There is enough detail to make them beautiful illustrations but not so much that they appear as a work of art that you are uncomfortable giving to your children to color. The back section of the book includes some blank symbol figures and suggestions on how to make your timeline personalized with your children's inventions or by using the book symbol to record the books you read. As a bonus, they have also included a timeline pattern to construct your own folding timeline. Like many homeschoolers, one of my biggest pet peeves is the products I buy and never use because they just don?t work. These timeline figures work. The kids love them and I love them. The only drawback that I have found is that in order to reproduce the figure you want you need to reproduce the whole page. This is not a huge problem but a petty annoyance. If you are looking for timeline figures on CD, that can easily be resized and printed in single copies, these are not for you. However, if you are looking for a timeline figure set that is great for coloring, yet rich in detail, you cannot go wrong by purchasing this very reasonable priced, high quality set.

-- Product Review by Annemarie Williams, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January, 2006

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