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Hermit's Haven

HSP Nature Toys

505C Grand Caribe Isle
Coronado, CA 92118

As a child I found hermit crabs to be fascinating creatures. Now my children also share that interest. HSP Nature Toys offers a complete set-up for your homeschool study of these funny crustaceans.

Included in the kit are the following: the plastic unit with its locking lid, bag of gravel, hermit hut, hermit water sponge, a plastic plant, two plastic lids for water sponge and food, informational booklet about the care and feeding of hermit crabs, and an enclosed card for ordering your hermit crabs through the mail.

Upon arrival via Fed-Ex, in their overnight box along with a good supply of hermit crab food, our crabs immediately displayed their personalities. One took off and started exploring. My daughter promptly named him, Henry the Navigator. Our second crab was more timid and was named for his swirled large shell.

It was exciting to our children that the crabs were so different, and our ability to see those differences right away. Over the last month we have had the opportunity to do a bit of research online to see if we could determine if we had males or females. We have since had to rename our Navigator to Henrietta! The other crab is still shy and does not wish to reveal itself.

Included in the kit, as mentioned above, is a really valuable booklet on the care and feeding of the crabs as well as other interesting information. I was not aware that the crabs needed to be bathed every week. This is an easy process, but were it not for the instructions, I would not have known. (I certainly didn't bathe my hermit crabs as a child!) It was a neat time to get them to come out of their shells so we could actually see them up close.

After having the crabs for several weeks, I can vouch for the ease of this pet! Even small children can hold them with their hands held out flat (over a soft surface in case of dropping). They really are quiet, but fascinating (and in my opinion, rather cute). Their little faces have such funny personalities. If you are interested in learning about crustaceans, or enjoy an easy pet, this kit may be just right for you.

-- Product Review by Kate Kessler, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March, 2006

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