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The Sonrise Farm Series ~ The Palomino ~ Stolen Gold ~ Flying High ~ Morning Glory

By Katy Pistole

The Sonrise Farm Series is a set of four paperbacks, each approximately 125 pages. These are based on true stories, around a young girl named Jenny Thomas and her love of horses.

Book 1 in the series is The Palomino, which has Jenny dreaming of a horse of her own. This book shares Jenny's exciting summer of hard work at the local horse ranch that turns into the ranch owners requesting she ride representing their ranch in competition! As she and her parents make decisions together regarding Jenny's riding and working, her faith and relationship with the Lord deepen over this very special summer. Jenny learns, grows, and matures through hard work, perseverance and lots of prayer! We really enjoyed reading The Palimino, a warm story, and learned a lot horses. Thumbs UP!

In Stolen Gold, Book 2 of this series, the tone and warm feel of The Palomino change. The books in the remainder of the series take on a bit of a different feel. Jenny believes God is punishing her and she turns to lying and deceit to get what she wants. While this is part of the story, the language in this book in parts seems to take on a much more 'worldly flavor' in my opinion. Mrs. DuBois has Sunny, Jenny's horse, and Jenny makes choices that cause her to go against God and her parents. The glossary in the back of the book and horse diagram, are great and makes learning the terms used regarding horses easy.

We find in Flying High, Book 3 of this series, Jenny is angry, angry at her parents, as her family must move and that means away from Sonrise Farms! She's angry at Daniel for not rescuing Sunny and her colt. Jenny also is angry with God.

Morning Glory, Book 4 in this series, takes back on more of the feel of Book 1, with its attitudes. God's hand puts Jenny, Sunny, Mrs. DuBois, Colton and Honey all together again; and leads them to forgiveness and restoration!

While we enjoyed books 1 and 4, books 2 and 3 we didn't. So while I don't think we'd buy this series, I would buy book one; that's for sure, our girls love horses and they loved Book 1.

- Product Review by Lisa Barthuly & Family, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, February, 2006
Another perspective

The Sonrise Farm Series
By Katy Pistole

The Sonrise Farm series consists of four books: The Palomino, Stolen Gold, Flying High, and Morning Glory.

In the first book, The Palomino, the main character, Jenny Thomas, rescues a starved and abused mare from the meat man. In the second book, Stolen Gold, Jenny discovers that her rescued mare, which she named Sunny, is really a valuable jumping thoroughbred horse. Sunny's owner claims her and begins to abuse her again. Jenny must learn to trust God to work it out. In Flying High, Jenny needs to learn forgiveness. And in the final installment, Morning Glory, Sunny's original owner tries again to interfere with Sunny and Jenny.

All four books are engaging and fun for any horse lover. My favorite feature of the series is the strong spiritual themes throughout each book: salvation, trusting God, forgiveness, and restoration/reconciliation. Not only that, but Jenny's walk with the Lord is portrayed in an amazingly realistic manner.

This book series is an inspirational and fantastic substitute for mainstream horse books. It's cleaner, with no talk of boys and dating for Jenny--just a focus on her walk with the Lord, her parents, and her horse. I certainly hope that Katy Pistole keeps writing!

Product review by Dawn King, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, July 2006

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