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Family Harmony ~ The Peasall Sisters

Franklin Springs Family Media

WOW! We are not impressed by much of anything that comes from the screen, but I must say Franklin Springs Family Media has put out some very family friendly DVD's, that this family loves!

Family Harmony tells the story of the Peasalls, a Christian, homeschooling family. This DVD tells of their family, their faith, and their beautiful music!

The Peasall family's lives all changed quite quickly, when the Peasall Sisters were chosen to record songs for the Grammy Award winning film, "O Brother Where Art Thou?" and this DVD tells their story. We follow them on some of their travels, spend some time with them as they homeschool, and are completely entertained with their beautiful voices when they perform at historic Puckett's, in Franklin, Tennessee.

We rarely find a DVD that we enjoy so much we watch it over and over, but we have with Family Harmony! We put it in just to listen to the songs, and sing together. We can't decide on a favorite tune, if you love bluegrass, as we do, watch and listen to this and you'll see why. "Home to You" and "The Old Churchyard" are ones we find ourselves singing even without the DVD!

We all enjoyed this DVD, but the girls especially enjoyed seeing other Christian, homeschooled children honoring the Lord with their talents. My girls want to go to Tennessee and "hang out" with the Peasall girls.

A very sweet, entertaining DVD that chronicles the journey of this special family and we highly recommend it! Franklin Springs Family Media has other titles they offer. You can see them on their website,

-- Product Review by The Barthuly Family, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, February, 2006

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