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My Little Pony

A Very Minty Christmas (DVD)
Paramount Home Entertainment
21045 Califa St., #101
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Approx. 66 min (includes movie and bonus episode)
Rating: G

Minty, the beautiful green pony from the My Little Pony Line, is the star of this Christmas movie. All of the ponies are gathered together to celebrate Christmas, but unknown to them, Minty breaks the Christmas Candy Cane. (Which is an important part of the pony Christmas season). She then begins an adventure to try and make it right.

The movie is a visual treat for the eyes. The colors are vivid and spectacular. Make sure you turn down the lights (my children insisted) when watching it.

There are a few sing a-long tunes, which the younger children will enjoy. The movie makes a few references to Santa Clause, and suggests that Christmas is about good friends and love. The movie is largely about friendship, working together, forgiving and loving one another. All the ponies are sugary sweet in their tones and attitudes.

There aren?t any scary or violent scenes in this movie. My little girl was sad for a minute, when the candy cane broke and when the hot air balloon burst. But the second time she watched it she was fine. I know that I will be playing the DVD again.

-- Product Review by Ruth Hoskins, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, February, 2006

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