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Candle Dipping Kit/Weaving Loom

Corps of Re-Discovery

5329 N Lakewood Drive
Springfield, MO 65803

I love this company! I discovered their booth at a homeschooling convention in Florida and could not believe the great hands-on products they sold. They concentrate on colonial, pioneer, frontiersman, Lewis & Clark, and American Indian crafts, projects as well as toys. They also sell books and unit studies on the same subjects. All of their items are priced well within most homeschool budgets and some were just downright inexpensive!

The Weaving Loom Kit they sent "comes with a 12"x12" wooden loom, a pick up stick, two shuttles (for easier design making), a beater, and enough 100% cotton yarn to make an 8x8 project." The loom was immediately picked up by my eight year old daughter. I thought I would have to help her, but she pulled out the instructions, read them, set it up, and promptly created a lovely piece all on her own! "It was very easy...very interesting and fun to do!" She has made several items for her siblings and the look of the woven crafts is very attractive. I was impressed with the price as well as the quality. For only $10 we received all of the above and a great deal of satisfaction at seeing a completed craft - all done in a short amount of time by an eight year-old! All other looms I have seen available online have been much more expensive.

The Candle Dipping Kit included one pound of filtered beeswax, 36" of candle wick, and detailed directions. This makes colonial or pioneer life come alive. Why not make your candles during the day and then use them at night without electricity and experience what it was really like to live during those times!

I cannot express how much I like this company. As homeschoolers themselves they understand our particular needs and wants. What they offer breathes life into the past. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

-- Product Review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January, 2006

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