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Unit Study Journal

By Amanda Bennett
AABennett Books, Inc.

RR 1 Box 457A
Dunlap, TN 37327

Become a unit study professional! Amanda Bennett neatly lays out the how-tos of unit study in her software program Unit Studies 101. The 142-page design manual instructs you with topics such as "First Things First," "Goals for Your Child," "How We Learn," "Creating Your Own Unit Study," "Building the Study," and "Wrap It Up." I particularly liked the ten starter programs that provided the lift to get you started with subjects such as flight, cowboys, horses, quilts, entrepreneurs, and toys. For library helps, Mrs. Bennett includes an extensive list of decimal classifications.

A bonus in this software program is the printable Unit Study Journal with lined pages, vintage drawings, and abundant quotes to stir the mind. The table of contents includes such topics as "Starting Points," "Favorite Finds," "Field Trips," "Family Read-Alouds," "Spelling and Vocabulary," "People We Meet," and "Daily Diary."

For me, this information would be more reader-friendly in book form. I prefer browsing through pages rather than scrolling down screens. Despite that, if unit studies have been a little intimidating, this program could give you the confidence and motivation to get started.

-- Product review by Marla G. Nowak, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November 2005

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