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Raising Financially Fit Kids

By: Joline Godfrey

Independent Means Inc.
126 E. Haley St. #A16
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Raising Financially Fit Kids is a book for parents who are concerned about bringing up children with good financial skills and an understanding of the value of money and service. It focuses on "Ten Basic Money Skills" such as "How to talk about money", "How to invest", and "How to use money to change the world".

This book is a parenting course and an investment course all in one! Broken down into four age groups from 5-8 up to 16-18, Raising Financially Fit Kids even teaches you how to back track with older kids who could use some maturity when it comes to spending and saving. The final four chapters of the book tackle gender and money, raising wealthy kids, raising philanthropists, and what to do if your child is an adult and needs the money skills to get out of your house. A Frequently Asked Questions section at the end is a help if you're trying to get answers fast.

I particularly enjoyed the anecdotes Ms. Godfrey brought into the book. Rather than feeling like "less" of a parent because I myself didn't have certain knowledge about money, I felt informed and ready to make positive changes to my own habits! In learning how to deal with different types of children's personalities (described as "Spendthrifts", "Hoarders", "Givers" and "Scrimpers") I also recognized the types of spending habits my husband and I have. This made me better able to relate to his motivation and more clearly communicate my own concerns and wishes regarding our family income and expenditures.

Scenarios and solutions are presented clearly and concisely with a good dose of humor. I enjoyed this learning experience and walked away knowing I will rely on Raising Financially Fit Kids as a teaching tool not just for my kids but myself for a long time to come. In a conversation with one of my best friends I learned that she and her husband were looking for just such a tool and knew this book would be a perfect fit for them, based on the suggestion and directions for "Creating a Money Mentor Team". They are involved in a business organization that places a great deal of value on such concepts so I sent her right to the bookstore to buy a copy to read as well!

Whether you have boys or girls, are wealthy or just making ends meet, this book will offer resources for all ages and walks of life when it comes to making sound financial decisions and making your money work for you.

--Product Review by: Melonie K. Murray, Market Development Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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