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Catch the Match / Right Turn, Left Turn

Timberdoodle Company

1510 East Spencer Lake Road
Shelton, WA 98584

My family enjoys playing games, although it seems that we do not always make the time to play. So, when I was offered to review two games from Timberdoodle, I made sure we set the time aside to play. We found them to be both fun and challenging at the same time.

The two games are: Catch the Match and Right Turn, Left Turn. Let me tell you about them.

Catch the Match, the eye-catching visual "pair"-ception game, is somewhat like "I Spy", and is geared for ages 5 to Adult and 2 to 8 people can play. The directions are well written, with colorful pictures used as examples to help explain the game. The game consists of 15 sturdy, kid-friendly cards, which have 15 objects printed on them. All of the objects consist of two different colors, but not always in the same combination. For example, a drum might be yellow-green in one picture, or green-yellow in another, it might be blue and red, etc. Any two cards will contain an object that is identical to each other in color, but finding the match can be challenging. To start, the oldest player takes two cards and places them next to each other face up. Next, everyone starts looking for the match, and once it is found calls it out. My family found this game to be very fun, and many times, our 6-year old won! So, you moms and dads need to be on your toes if you like to win, but you will be over-joyed to see your children's faces light up as they continue to "Catch the Match".

Right Turn, Left Turn the silly game of changing directions. This game is geared for 6 to 8 players, and for ages 6 to Adult. It contains 50 sturdy, kid-friendly cards, 43 direction cards, and 7 traffic officer/destination cards. The 7 traffic officer/destination cards are arranged on the table in a circle, and a direction card is placed in the center of the circle. You must follow 3 directions, sometimes left and sometimes right, to get to your destination. This isn't always easy because you need to determine the officers' point of view (the officer may be facing forward or backward on the card) and head that way. Another challenge is not being able to use your hands to help; this was particularly difficult for me! I can't seem to do much without motioning with my hands, and I kept getting lost. My 9-year old did very well, though, and enjoyed playing this game. The directions are well written and clear, with several pictures used for examples of play. Have fun, and enjoy playing this game with your children.

-- Product Review by: Tammi Dearing, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November, 2005

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