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The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach: Bible-Based Homeschooling

By: Robin Sampson

Heart of Wisdom Publishing, Inc.
146 Chriswood Lane
Stafford, VA 22556

The focus of this book is to help parents keep their priorities correct-the Bible as the center of education. This book recalls the reason that many Christians homeschool.

Mrs. Sampson compares this method with a cookbook. She has recipes that she has worked hard to perfect but you can change it to meet your family's needs.

The book is broken into five sections:
1. Lessons from Exodus
Comparing our escape from the school system to that of the Israelites
(Pray we not make the same mistakes)
2. Rethinking Education
History of education and worldviews
3. Heart of Wisdom Methods
Four learning styles and four steps
4. Heart of Wisdom Instructions
The four year plan, history chronologically, philosophies, and unit studies
5. Resources
This helps you choose what products you need (or don't need) to accomplish your goals in keeping with these principles

Although you can use this approach with any curriculum, it would be easier to employ it with the Heart of Wisdom curriculum.

This teaching approach puts legs to the Charlotte Mason methods. The use of real books is encouraged. Moreover, it also employs copy-work, narration, and the utilization of timelines.

One of the premises presented is that if we teach children to love learning they will excel far beyond our imagination. This can be accomplished by delight-directed learning. We all learn better when we are motivated by our love of the subject. Additionally, this approach considers the type of learner and the steps to learning.

Four Types of Learners
1. Innovative Learner
2. Analytic Learner
3. Common Sense Learner
4. Dynamic Learner

Four Steps to Learning
1. Excite-create an interest
2. Examine-find facts
3. Expand-do something information learned
4. Excel-pull everything together & share with someone

Activities are given at each step of learning. Lastly, the true test of learning is being able to teach or share what we have learned which is one of the reasons we are all teachers at some level.

-- Product review by Stephanie D. Scarborough, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November 2005

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