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Great Adventures

A Musical Extravaganza of Stories, Songs and Fun!
Aurora Production AG, Switzerland
FAX: 0041-41-7106745

To Purchase in the United States Contact:
P.O. Box 462805
Escondido, CA 92046-280 877-862-3228

Great Adventures music and story CD's, Part 1 and Part 2, sell separately for $8.95 each. The CD's consist of mini-Bible stories and accompanying songs. The narratives are brief, but lively and compelling. The narrator varies from story to story to add variety.

The music is surprisingly diverse. Styles range from Gospel to Jazz to Blues to Lullaby, even Country. A few songs elicited a surprised smile from Mom as I listened along. (I happen to like Blues.) While a few of the songs do use the childish sing-song style that parents often object to, the majority do not. Adult voices in a variety of styles are a welcome and pleasant surprise in children's CD's. While I enjoyed the wide range of musical styles, those with more conservative views in music might not. Some songs are decidedly "rocky" or "bluesy".

Each CD consists of 16 story and song adventures and runs for just over 45 minutes. The CD inserts includes not only lyrics to all the songs, but also the guitar chords. I could see several of these songs being used positively in Sunday school or children's programs.

My children enjoyed these CD's, as did I. I found the stories and songs to be surprisingly informative. Some make for easy Bible fact memorization. For example, Twelve Sons puts the twelve sons of Jacob to music and Beautiful, Wonderful World sings of God's work on each day of creation. While I wouldn't want to listen to them all day, I found them pleasant for occasional listening. These CD's will most certainly become regular bedtime listening for my children.

-- Product Review by: Dena Wood, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC

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