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Bare Books

Treetop Publishing

PO Box 085567
Racine, WA 53408-5567

Bare Books promises "Results You'll Love" and I have to agree that they certainly deliver! What's not to love when the finished product is up to you? I was fortunate enough to review their 8.125" x 6.375" Bare Book $1.50, the 11" x 8.375" Noah's Ark book $2.00, the 25 piece Blank Puzzle $0.99, the Framed Gameboard $3.95, and a set of Bear Crayons $2.85. The quality of these products is impressive, especially in consideration of their surprisingly low prices. Add to that a flat $5 shipping charge per order and these bargains are hard to beat.

As a Mom who loves to encourage creative learning, these products are ideal and can be used in a myriad of ways. The books can be used as journals, a keepsake canvas for little ones to draw a story, or the perfect way to have an older child create their own book complete with title page, table of contents, etc. My oldest daughter had a ball coloring a puzzle for her younger brother to put together. True to their claim, the Bear Crayons really didn't smear but could be easily erased with a pencil eraser. Because there are no papers on these crayons they are perfect to use for rubbings in nature studies, artistic creations or when studying textures.

My favorite product, however, would have to be the blank game board. These boards come framed (with squares around the board) or unframed (blank), fold up into quarters and are very durable. The possibilities here are truly endless. The average educational game runs about $30 while these boards allow you to make your own and learn in the process for a mere $3.95! Again, this project could be spread among several children with one researching questions, one making the game cards, one illustrating the board, etc. What an ideal way to finalize any unit of study and retain a keepsake (not to mention review) of what was learned.

The beauty of these products is in their open-endedness. Their uses are only as limited as your imagination.

-- Product Review by: Dena Wood, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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