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Music Ace Deluxe

Music Lesson Software

Music Ace Deluxe is a software program designed to teach children all about music. It is for aimed at children age 5 and up. It comes with one CD to teach your children all about music.

This software is very easy to run. After the installation you are on your way to learning all about music. The menu layout is very simple and easy to use for children. You have four options on the main menu. You have a doodle pad that you can play around with, a progress button to show you how your learning is going, and then you have a lesson page where you do the lesson or play the games. There are 36 lessons for the children to learn and master. You are able to skip lessons if you already know the information in that lesson.

The focus of Music Ace Deluxe is for kids to learn music in a way that is fun and makes them want to learn more. They did a nice job at keeping the kids interested. The tutor is a small older man that hops around the screen to show you what he is talking about during the lesson.

The topics covered in Music Ace Deluxe is as follows: Note reading, ear training, notation, keyboard, scales, rhythm, melody, key signatures, time signatures, harmony, and musical terms.

The games are designed in a way that allows the child four tries to get the right answer and then the game is over. You get points for every right answer. The games are fun to play and keep going for six levels as long as your answer is right.

My opinion of this software is that it is very good for children who have a desire to learn all about music. My own children have played this game and they really enjoy it a lot. The only thing that I wish they would have done is to make it full screen. Other than that the game is very wonderful. Even during the lessons the game is interactive, so the kids are practicing what the tutor is teaching them. If they get it wrong during the lesson, he keeps telling them to try again, until they get it right.

-- Product Review by: Mrs. Kimberley Wampler, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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