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The Hunter's Wife / Delicious Recipes for cooking with Venison for your Family

By: Martha Green

Marmee's Kitchen
Honea Path, SC

If your family is like mine, the fall season brings what Martha notes in her booklet The Hunter's Wife as "deer fever", or in our case, sometimes "elk fever" can strike as well!

This little booklet is full of tips and recipes and came in quite handy when our family ended up having a bountiful hunting season this past year! All of Martha's books and booklets are as pretty as they are practical. They are all full of her advice and wisdom from her many years of caring for her family and preparing delicious meals for them. The Hunter's Wife is full of tips for hunting and processing deer, meat preparation, and learning to prepare her wonderful recipes!

I have not prepared much in the way of venison recipes in the past and finding good recipes is a challenge at best. I have had the opportunity to try the majority of the recipes in this book, and I must say they are all YUMMY! ESPECIALLY the Venison and Bean Burrito Filling and the Stroganoff - the BEST! If you are looking to learn to prepare venison, teach your children cook venison, or just try some tasty new recipes, this is for you!

To check out all of the offerings at Marmee's Kitchen, please go to their website, and make sure to tell Martha that The Old Schoolhouse sent you!

-- Product Review by: Lisa Barthuly & Family, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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