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Mr. Button Family Video

PO Box 14637 Greenville, SC 29610 1-800-BUTTON-2 (1-800-288-8662)

The Mr. Button DVD's are fun and safe for the whole family to watch together. On each of the videos there are two stories. One western and another bonus story:

Ambushed! - Western drama
Bonus film In Search of Dudley Dumpling - humorous adventure

Hoodwinked! - Western drama
Bonus film Hidden Treasure - heartwarming drama

Lost in Silver Canyon - adventure
Bonus film The Red Bicycle - intrigue, surprise

Some of the movies are tales where puppets and people interact to make a story come alive. The combination of humor and Godliness displayed the hard work that went into the videos. The humor was a clean, slapstick and juvenile type but made the children laugh. The other stories explore human relationships and the problems that some people encounter along life's path.

The Biblical references and scriptures were used to make a point. The entire salvation message is taught. In Ambushed!, a father comes to a point in his life where he accepts Christ as Savior but realizes that he will still have to deal with the consequences of his past sin. In Hidden Treasure, the emotions between a father and son are explored. You feel for the son while understanding the sadness and anger, which has overtaken the father's heart.

Each of the stories is a catalyst for some heart-to-heart discussions between parents and their children. The message that God is concerned for each person's life is made apparent and clear.

Chelsea, age 9, enjoyed the cinema photography because "it looked like real life." She also noted that it was, "not just funny, it was Godly."

Ryan, age 7.5, stated that, "They were great movies; showed lots of Godly stuff. I'm glad we have them because it showed similarities and differences between the Old West and the world of today."

To conclude, we suggest these movies would be quite appetizing, so get some popcorn and have a family movie night. The conversations that transpire will lead to character building in your children and in yourself.

--Product Review by Stephanie D. Scarborough and Family, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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