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Ancient China: To the Great Wall...and Beyond

Judy Wilcox
The Book Peddler or

P.O. Box 1960
Elyria, OH 44036
(440) 284-6654

Ancient China: To the Great Wall...and Beyond is a detailed unit study of eleven key dynasties in Chinese history. The study begins with a two week session on the physical and cultural geography of the country, followed by several weeks on 11 major dynasties in China's history, from the Hiah Dynasty (2240 - 1756 B.C.) to the Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1644 - 1912). Once finished with the bulk of the dynasties there is time for discussion of how China's dynasties gave way to Communism.

This Unit Study includes daily lesson plans listing project supplies, recommended resources, writing assignments and timeline suggestions, as well as extensive teaching notes for each dynasty. Also included are reproducible maps, timeline figures, an end-of-study quiz, review activities, and an expansive bibliography. Further, this unit study includes: history, geography, science, Bible, health, language arts, arts and crafts, research skills, and critical thinking.

Judy Wilcox recommends completing Ancient China in about 12-weeks to do it justice. The unit study is written for students in K-6; however, extensive teaching notes and supplemental project ideas for students in junior and senior high are included.

As our family prepares for a trip to China sometime this year, we have been working our way through Ancient China. What a blessing this unit study has been for all of us, from our six year old daughter, to our 10 and 11 year old sons, to my husband and me, and finally, to my 82-year old mother. We have enjoyed every activity we've completed thus far and all of us look forward to the next day when we can learn what happens next in Ancient China. I would highly recommend Ancient China: To the Great Wall...and Beyond. This is a well done unit study and I trust you will not regret journeying with Judy Wilcox through time.

-- Product Review by: Heather W. Allen, The Old Schoolhouse Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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