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Action Words! DVD
The Alphabet Kinection The Kinesthetic Teaching Technique
American Sign Language for Kids and Adults, Volumes 1 and 2
Idioms & Phrases in American Sign Language, Volumes 1 and 3
Anchors and Sails
Apraxia Materials:
Becoming Verbal with Childhood Apraxia (book)
Apraxia Uncovered (seminar on three audio CDs and book)
How to Stop Drooling (book)
How to Stop Thumbsucking (book)
At Last! A Reading Method for EVERY Child!
Autism & Alleluias
Autism Heroes: Portraits of Families Meeting the Challenge
Autism Spectrum Disorders from A to Z: Assessment, Diagnosis' & More!
Autism's Hidden Blessings
AVKO Dyslexia Research Foundation
Sequential Spelling for Homeschool
To Teach a Dyslexic
Membership with the AVKO Foundation
The Big WHAT NOW Book of Learning Styles: A Fresh and Demystifying Approach
Brain Builder
Bright Ideas Press
Christian Homes and Special Kids
Developmental Foundations: Keys to Academic Success
Diagnostic Prescriptive Services - POC4U
Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP
Different Learners: Identifying, Preventing and Treating Your Child's Learning Problems_
The Discrete Trial (DT) Trainer
Do Something Daily: 365 Memory-Making Opportunities
Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?
EFSAP Program
Focus 2 Learn Program
Following Your Child: A Montessori Philosophy of Parenting
Fragile X- Fragile Hope
From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones: Help and Hope for Special Needs Kids
God's Special Child: Lessons from Nathan and Other Children with Special Needs
Good Night Moon DVD
Greetings-in-a-Bag and A Therapist's Cookbook and Sounds Like Fun DVD and Guidebook
Guide to Child Development and Education

Have Fun, Learn Stuff, Grow: Homeschooling and the Curriculum of Love
Heads Up Helping! Teaching Tips and Techniques for Working with ADD, ADHD, and Other Children with Challenges
The Hidden Curriculum: Practical Solutions for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations
The Hidden World of Autism
Homeschooling: A Family's Journey
Homeschooling Methods: Seasoned Advice on Learning Styles
Homeschooling the Challenging Child
Homeschooling: Take a Deep Breath . . . You Can Do This!
Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner
How to Get Your Child off the Refrigerator and on to Learning
I Have Diabetes Too! / Kids with Differences: The Series (DVDs)
I Just Am: A Story of Down Syndrome Awareness and Tolerance
Ignite: Addition and Subtraction with a 21st Century Abacus (Books 1-4 plus the Abacus)
Ready Made Curriculum Activities: Lewis and Clark
Intellikeys, IntelliPics Studio, and Overlay Maker
Balanced Literacy
IntelliTools Math
Kumon First Steps Workbooks and 3-D Paper Crafts
Language Lessons from Listening Skills to Conversation
The Learning to Read Program
Lexia Early Reading, Lexia Phonics Based Reading, and Lexia Reading S.O.S.
Life Not Typical: How Special Needs Parenting Changed My Faith and My Song (book) / Someday (music CD)
Look Who's Talking!
Lovely Lily and Fat Freddy's Afraid to Fall

Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language:

*Teacher' Helpers Pocket Chart Set (Three Little Kittens)
*Pack your English! Vocabulary (camping theme)
*English Builders - Vocabulary (recycling theme)
*Cook up a story! (Little Mermaid theme)
*Teachers' Helpers Flannel Board Set (gingerbread theme)
*The English Flavour: Grammar-based Games Pronouns
*Take me home! Back to school: pencil toppers, bookmarks, cards & badges

The Mislabeled Child: How Understanding Your Child's Unique Learning Style Can Open the Door to Success
Montessori DVDs (Practical Life Demonstrations / Math Curriculum Demonstrations / Language Curriculum Demonstrations / Montessori Sensorial Demonstrations)
My Child Has Autism: What Parents Need to Know
My First Book of Crafts
My First Book of Cutting
"Off We Go" Series
The Old Clock on the Wall Book
The One Minute Reader
Parent Power! Lost and Found: Ten Small Steps to Reclaiming our Families DVD
Pick Me Up! Fun Songs for Learning Signs
The Planner Guide
Point to Happy: A Book for Kids on the Autism Spectrum
Precision Academics Resource Bank CD-Rom
Progress Academy
Read! Move! Learn! Active Stories for Active Learning
Readeez Volume Three
Sammy Learns to Talk
See-N-Read Reading Tools
Sign with Your Baby: Complete Learning Kit
Simple Signing with Young Children
Simple Signing with Young Children
Small Talk: Diagnostic Testing and Curriculum for Parents of Young Children with Speech and Language Delays
Someplace Called Special: A Look at Homeschooling Special Needs Children
Sound Reading Solutions Software: Boost / Remedy
The Special Educator's Comprehensive Guide to 301 Diagnostic Tests
A Special Mother
Special Needs Home School Starter Kit
Starting with Stories: Engaging Multiple Intelligences Through Children's Books
Staying Sane as You Homeschool
The Struggling Reader
Struggling Readers
Study Smart, Study Less
Super Star R and L
Super Star S, Z, and SH
Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple
Taking the Frustration Out of Math
Teach Your Children Well
Teaching Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Ten Things Your Student With Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm
Preparing for Life: The Complete Guide for Transitioning to Adulthood for those with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome by Jed Baker
No Fishing Allowed (teacher and student books) by Carol Gray and Judy Williams
T.R.I.P. (Targeted Reading Improvement Program) Software for PC or Mac
Unblocked! Dysgraphia Workbook
Visual Discrimination Game, Levels One through Ten
Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking, Seeing Stars: Symbol Imagery for Phonemic Awareness, Sight Words and Spelling, and On Cloud Nine: Visualizing and Verbalizing for Math
Whisper Phone
WordQ Writing Assistant

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