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Word Builder Twisterz

Twisterz Toys

660 4th Street, #511
San Francisco, CA 94107

Word Builder Twisterz is a colorful education toy used to combine play and early learning skills to help young children learn to build simple words. This toy also builds hand-eye coordination and small motor skills. This product is made of solid plastic and comes with a cylindrical tube featuring six removable rings printed with various letters of the alphabet. It is intended for use as a supplemental activity to your current language arts curriculum.

Word Builder Twisterz is for children ages 3-9 and is great for the kinesthetic and/or visual learner. To use this product, the parent or an older child removes the end cap from the cylindrical tube and places 2-6 rings onto the tube in any combination he chooses. Each ring contains both consonants and vowels. The child then twists the rings around the tube, arranging the letters in such a way as to create words.

While the toy itself and the premise of use are simple, I did not find this product as easy to use as I expected. It took quite a bit of time for me to arrange the rings in such a way that my child could create words that were familiar to her before trying to create new words, as the letters on the rings are not in any particular order. In addition, it is possible to put the rings on backwards, which makes some of the letters appear upside down and makes creating any word impossible.

What I did enjoy about this toy was that it does not require the use of batteries or other source of electricity. It is great to take along in the car to keep hands busy, and my daughter did enjoy playing around with it. We were able to get the rings on correctly through trial and error, and then she was able to use this toy to create words she had already been learning, as well as to build some new words.

At $12.99, this product is a decent value for what you get, and it seems to be a very durable product. Once we made it through the learning curve of figuring it all out, we found it to be practical, educational, and fun! I would recommend this product if you are looking a word-building tool that is easily mobile and self-contained, does not require any electricity, and will keep your child entertained and focused.

Product review by Dawn Huffmaster, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, August 2011

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