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I Think: World History - Ancient Greece

Kendra Corr and Sharon Coletti
InspirEd Educators

360 Waverly Hall Circle
Roswell, GA 30075

My whole family is fascinated with the ancient Greeks. God used this one small civilization to eventually change the entire world. InspirEd Educators has created a very interesting workbook about the ancient Greeks for middle and high school students. Part of their I Think: World History Thematic Units, the Ancient Greece book ($29.95) covers a broad array of information including geography, literature, philosophy, politics, religion, architecture, culture, history and more. Intended to be used as a class or small group study guide, the book could easily be adapted for homeschool students. The 98-page book includes didactic lessons and a nice variety of exercises to help the student work through the materials. This is not your average workbook with page after page of boring questions! There are charts, graphs, diagrams, maps, timelines, lots of graphics, and many different types of activities, all focusing on critical thinking skills, rather than rote memory. There are three overview tests to choose from in the back of the book, along with Internet resources for further study.

While not generally favoring workbooks in our homeschool, I thought the Ancient Greece book would provide a very interesting and thorough study of this ancient civilization. The materials were interesting to read, comprehensive in scope, and in nice short sections making it easy to pick and choose what materials you want to cover. The exercises were appealing and would definitely help the student understand the material on a deeper level. An index and glossary in the back would be a very helpful addition! This is not a consumable workbook, but rather it is designed to make copies of the selected pages for students to use. Answer keys are presented throughout the text making it easy to check the student's work. Perhaps best of all, is the flexibility to adapt this unit for the needs of your homeschool. It would be easy to teach a range of students with adapted exercises, such as having junior high and senior high school siblings work together as a group on many of the exercises, and then adjusting other assignments or tests for each student. I would highly recommend the I Think: World History - Ancient Greece book if you want to take your child on an exciting journey into the life and times of the Ancient Greeks!

Product Review by Dr. Anne Margaret Wright, Senior Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC

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