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Woodshop 101 for Kids

By Craig Stevens

Woodshop 101 for Kids is a 188page woodshop textbook for kids. The book contains 21 woodworking lessons, including 14 fun projects to complete using the skills taught in the book. The book does not come with the tools, wood, or hardware required, but a detailed list of everything you will need is included for all lessons and projects.

The book is designed to be used at your own pace. Parents are encouraged to work along with the kids every step of the way. The author states the book is designed for kids 7 and older, and I would agree. For best results, parental supervision is required. The book starts with a lesson on wood and then moves on to introduce the skills needed to complete the projects. Lessons include measuring, hammering, sawing, and drilling. I think kids will particularly like the section on hammering.

Once the basics skills are introduced, the book introduces a Peg Game project followed by a few more advanced skills, such as using a plane, sanding, and finishing. Projects in the book include a birdhouse, a toolbox caddy, a battleship, a step stool, and a marshmallow catapult, just to name a few.

I really liked the book. As a person with some woodworking experience, I found the book easy to follow and well organized. The skills are presented in a format that is easily followed regardless of past woodworking experience or prior subject matter knowledge.

The book is full of photos showing the projects throughout the steps, which helps the reader understand the techniques being taught and how the projects go together.

I don't own all of the tools the author suggests throughout the lessons, so I had to improvise the lessons a little from time to time.

All in all, this book fit well into our homeschool program. My son enjoys building things, and this book was right up our alley. Woodshop 101 for Kids is a great introductory text for woodshop. We can't wait for the next book, Woodshop 102 perhaps? Hats off to Craig Stevens.

Product review by Rick Beardsley, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January 2009

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