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Connect-A-Book Numbers

Connect-A-Book Numbers, Shapes & Colors Set
Connect-A-Book Numbers Alphabet Set

Connect-A-Book Numbers, Shapes & Colors Set and Connect-A-Book Alphabet Set are two delightful and creative ways to teach your littlest children the earliest basics. Connect-A-Book Numbers, Shapes & Colors Set includes 26, 2"x2" individual magnetic books. The set includes numbers 1-10, the colors red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, brown, black, and white, and the following shapes: square, circle, rectangle, star, sphere, triangle, and diamond. The Connect-A-Book Alphabet Set includes the 26 letters of the alphabet in capital letter format.

Inside each eight-page book you find four two-page spreads with a corresponding all-capital letter word (or words) on one side and a full-color matching picture on the other side. For example the "Q" book has "QUILT" on one side and a multi-colored quilt on a bright yellow background on the other side. Another page has "QUEEN" on one side and a picture of a purple-robed queen on the other side with a blue background. Each book is bright and cheery and highly desirable by little people--if my little ones are any indication! The number, shape, and color books all have the same format. The books come in every color of the rainbow and are sturdy, shiny cardboard. Probably the most unusual quality of these book sets is that they link together with magnets! Both the spine and the edge of the books draw together magnetically to create all sorts of shapes as well as words.

While the price tag per set may seem a little high at $24.95, remember too that you are buying 26 individual little books for education as well as play. Soft Play for Kids does seem to have some good sales too. As of this writing, they are currently offering the sets for $16.95. This would be a perfect suggestion to a grandparent interested in purchasing something educational yet still entertaining for the children. The website also offers free parent's guides to better assist you in utilizing these sets to their fullest potential. They also offer free activity sheets and (my personal favorite) additional letter sheets to print, cut out, and use as extra letters. This will help you and your child make bigger words. What a wonderful free extra! It expands the set beyond the preschool years and into the reading years.

Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, April 2008

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